50 years ago (2021) - CD: 15€ /vinyl: 25€

1. Bad Communication

2. Don't want to lose my love

3. White bird

4. On a long long ride

5. Deep within my tears

6. Fifty years ago

7. In the darkness of a light

8. Like a brother

9. Beyond the clouds - Trio

Words & music by Philippe Bruno

Philippe Bruno: Vocals, Acoustic, Electric & Nylon Guitars

Alexia Saffery & Magali David: Backing Vocals

Patrick De Schuyter: Dobro, Electric & Nylon Guitars Solo

Fabrice Manzini: Lap Steel, Electric Guitars & Solo

Barry McNeese: Bass Guitar

Jean-François Assy: Bass, Double Bass & Cello Arrangements

Michel Seba: Drums & Percussion

Jason Perret: Shaker

Geneviève Dartevelle: Harmonica

A Long Way To Go (2019) - CD:15€

1. Looking 'Round For You

2. Winter Is Coming

3. It Seems Like I'm Alone

4. No Confusion In Your Mind

5. Love, Love Comes Around

6. Somewhere Near Me

7. Do You Think We Should Try

8. Dragonfly

9. Down On My Knees

10. It's A Long Way To Go

Words & music by Philippe Bruno

Philippe Bruno: Vocals, Harmonica & Acoustic Guitars

Patrick De Schuyter: Dobro, Acoustic Guitars & Guitars Solo

Barry McNeese: Bass

Jean-François Assy: Double Bass, Cello & Arrangements

Ariane de Bièvre: Percussions

Alain Goutier & Wim Hombergen: Backing Vocals

Somewhere old, somewhere young (2017) - CD: 15€

Madras Lovers (2015) - CD: 15€

1. Because of...

2. Somewhere old Somewhere young

3. Sweeping away

4. Everything’s blowing away

5. Dear Mum

6. Will it still be long

7. Just like a butterfly

8. I’ve no excuse

9. I’ve missed you all my life

10. Hello Little Boy

11. To forget

Words & music by Philippe Bruno

Philippe Bruno & Homeland Band

Philippe Bruno: Voice & Guitars

Patrick De Schuyter: Backing vocals, Guitars, Banjo & Leads

Barry McNeese: Bass

Guillermo Badilla: Drums


Backing vocals: Alexia Saffery

Cello Arrangements: Jean-François Assy

Harmonica: Geneviève Dartevelle

1. Friend Friend Friend

2. If I Ever Change

3. Madras Lovers

4. We're Walking Free

5. Friend Of Mine

6. Maison Haute

7. Not At All Alone

8. In Every Smile

9. My Princess

10. We Can Fly

11. Such A Stupid Girl

12. Start Brand New Days

Philippe Bruno & Homeland Band

Voice & Guitars: Philippe Bruno

Voice, Rythm & Lead Guitars: Patrick De Schuyter

Bass: Jean-François Assy & Barry McNeese.

Drums: Didier Fontaine

Backing Vocals: Alexia Saffery, Lionelle Francart,

Marie Bauwens

Barry McNeese, Patrick De Schuyter & Perry Rose

Strings: Nicolas Stevens (Violin 1),
Elsa De Lacerda (Violin 2),

Karel Coninx (Viola), Jean-François Assy (Cello)

String Arrangements: Jean-François Assy

Harmonica: Geneviève Dartevelle

Piano: Marc Herouet

Produced by Philippe Bruno. Recorded & Mixed by Jeremy Michel at Low Man’s Land Studio. Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt at Angström Studio.

Art Direction: JP Lebrun. Cover & booklet photos by Aruna Manickam, except “Phil & Pat” booklet center photo by Lionel Nolette.